A. Muhammad Husain Aal Kashif-ul-Gita’s views on Zanjeer Zani




A. Muhammad Husain Aal Kashif-ul-Gita in his book Al-Aayatul Bayyenat on the issue of Zanjeer Zani (shedding of blood from the back in Azadari) says the following:


 “My age is 60 years now, every year I have seen Matami Groups shedding blood doing Zanjeer Zani. I have never seen anyone who does Zanjeer Zani dying and neither have heard this being reported in earlier incidents.”

[ Note: Very rare incidents of Deaths from Zanjeer Zani have been reported, but this cannot be used as an argument to invalidate the act itself, because on similar lines, every year deaths are reported during Hajj, but this cannot and is not used to raise question on the act itself.
During the rule of Mutawakkil(la), Momineen sacrificed their lives, got their limbs cut to go for Ziyarat of Imam Husain(as) in the time of Masoomeen(as), but this did not stop the original act of Ziyart of Imam Husain(as).


                  [ Al-Ayatul Bayyenat Pg 18 ]


Below is the Arabic text of the same.




Note: The word in the Red box in the Arabic text above, is from the Arabic root word ‘Dam’ meaning blood, hence it’s very clear that A. Kashif-ul-Gita was referring to Matam which results in shedding blood.


A. Kashif-ul-Gita further says the following:


“By Allah(swt), the stopping of these Juloos, will result in closing the doors of Husaini Matam. And God forbid, doing this will result in wiping out Mazhab-e-Shiyat.  The only Single uniting force in our religion is the Husaini Stage and Alawi Fazail.


The ongoing propaganda against Azadari are based on the ideology of bani Umayya and wahabiyat. Such people who oppose, actually want that Azadari and Zanjeer Zani should be stopped and the ideology of bani umayya be remembered again.”


                [ Al-Ayatul Bayyenat Pg 22 ]   


Below is the Arabic text of the same.




In a reply to a question regarding Zanjeer Zani by the people of Basra, A. Kashif-ul-Gita gave the following reply:


“Matami Zanjeer Zani Juloos have been taking place for many years now and this has taken place in front of many big Ulama and Mujtahideen who have never raised any objection on this. I believe that, creating doubt regarding this practise is a propaganda by the Umawi and wahabi ideology so as to put off this light (noor).”


               [ Al-Ayatul Bayyenat Pg 6 ]


Below is the Arabic text of the same.