Does Media Object on Qama Zani and Zanjeer Zani?

Qamazni & Zanjeerzani were always considered to be acts of faith in azadari of Imam Husain (as) by all great fuqahas without any question or doubt. But in the modern era, the youths, who are ignorant or less knowledgeable about the verses, ahadith & fatawas of fuqahas supporting these acts of faith, are being confused. Some ulama-e-soo oppose these acts of faith (qamazani & Zanjeerzani), ignoring the fatawas of great fuqahas from ayatullah Na'ini to Ayatullah Khui & Ayatullah Khumaini.

These ulama-e-Soo are from within the Shia Community. They have been misguiding the Azadars of Imam Husain(as) by saying that enemies of Islam with the help of Media project Qama Zani and Zanjeer Zani so as to give a bad image of Shi'ism, hence labeling the shia's as uneducated, uncivilised barbarians.

Although this is incorrect, but even if for a moment we accept this then isnt it the responsibility of these Ulama to give clarifications? If the enemies can use media to cause harm, cant we Shia's use the same media to propogate our religion and the message of Karbala and clarify the purpose of Azadari? Media objects much more on hijab, beard, four marriages, muta & many other laws of Shariah. Should we stop practicing all that or should we give explanations & strongly defend Islam?

See the below videos in which media makes mockery of Hijab and our Fuqaha's:

        Media makes mockery of hijab.             Media Making Mockery of A.Sistani.         Media Making Mockery of A.Khomenei.


We as shia & the members of pasbaaneaza, strongly condemn Bill Maher and all those like him. But can someone say that stop following fuqahas and stop respecting them as media misportrays them? No, never, it is obligatory on us to defend all the righteous fuqahas, who are loyal to Ahlulbait (as). Similarly its More than obligatory on us to defend the acts of faith in Mawaddat & Azadari. As nobody has more rights on us than Imam Husain (as).

Its a well known fact that in todays world the Christians are not only the largest community, but they have control over most of the Media. Media & Christians can not project Qama Zani and Zanjeer Zani to give the wrong message, because the christians themselfs shed their blood in mourning over Hazrat Isa(as). This is an answer to those who might try to defame Shi'ism on the basis of Qama Zani and Zanjeer Zani.

See below the video's of Christians in Vatican and Phillipines shedding their blood in remembrance of Hazrat Isa(as)


Alhamdulillah, many of our Great Ulama, Fuqaha and Maraje have clarified these things and have also opposed such Ulama-e-soo who speak against any of the acts related to Aza-e-Imam Husain(as).

Below are the Fatawa of Some of the Maraje taken from the Book Azadari Az Deedgahe Marajiyat.

1) Ayatullah Syed Murtaza Ferozabadi:
Who ever says any thing against any Marasim-e-Aza or tries to give any daleel against it is surely far away from deen, ignorant and his legitimate birth is doubtful.

2) Ayatullah Syed Mohammad Sadiq Rouhani:
Who ever is in the shia community, it is WAJIB on them to do Seena Zani and Zanjeer Zani and other Marasim-e-Aza. Believe me that the trumpets that are blowing these days against seena zani and zanjeer zani with knifes etc which says its not a good thing to do and against shariah - these are all tableeg of " Agyaar " and " Ullama Soo" who have been sold out agianst a few coins, these are "enemies of Deen".

3) Ayatullah Syed Karamtullah Malik Hussaini:
Who ever opens his mouth against Marasim-e-Aza which includes seena zani and Zanjeer zani etc should be rejected thinking that he is an agent of anti islam forces. He is a Fitna and enemy of Islam.

4) Ayatullah Syed Kazim Mar'ashi:
What ever Ustaad Mohtaram Agha Naeeni has said in favour of Matam Zanjeer, Qama and other types of marasim-e-azadari is absolutely correct and there is no doubt in that. But the enemies of Deen and the ones who have been misguided by shaitan laeen who have started tableeg agaisnt these things should be rejected by all shias and shias should not take anything from them and should not accept his influence in any thing.

5) Ayatullah Shiakh Ali Ghazi Shoharwardi:
Who ever is a munkir of Azadari and marasim-e-azadari including blood letting is munkir-e-zarooriyat-e-deen.

6) Ayatullah Syed Mohammad Mahdi Moosvi Khalkhali:
Who ever raises doubts about Marasim-e-Aza including Matam-e-Qama etc are suffering from "soo-e-Feham" and have BAD INTENTIONS.

7) Ayatullah Ali Panah Ishtehardi:
Who ever put up hurdles in the way of azadari and Marasim-e-Azadari have shajrah-e-khabeesa and are the ones who have promised to oppose Aalay Mohammad.

Opinion of christian scholor and Christian Writer on Azadari Rituals including Qama & Zanjeer Zani.