A study of the Hadees of Aimmah (as) tells us that there are two types of Ulamas, i.e. Ulama-e-Khair (Ulamas of Good) and Ulama-e-Soo (Ulama of Evil).



1) The following is what Imam Hasan Askeri (as) has to say regarding the Ulama of Evil: “Among the Scholars there is one such group which has hatred against our followers and lovers. This group of Scholars is not able to openly speak bad about us by using our names. Hence this group of scholars learns some of our knowledge and using this knowledge to gain importance and attention among our Shia’s and lovers. And when they see that our less learned and simple minded Shia’s have started to respect them, then this group of scholars starts pointing out defects in us and highlights them to the enemies of our friends and using their ijtehdad and guess work makes these small defects appear big, although we are far away from such defects. Our simple minded and less learned shia, thinking that these scholars spread the knowledge of Ahlebait, get entrapped in their utterances and get misguided and this group of scholars misguides them. For our Shia’s, such a group of Scholars is more dangerous than the army of Yazid (la) who oppressed Imam Husain (as) and his companions; because this group takes away the spirit of Eeman from the simple minded, less learned Shia’s and also takes away their money. This very group is the Scholars of Evil (ulama-e-soo). This group has hatred toward our lovers and just to entrap them claims that they love the Ahlul Bait (as) and hate their enemies. This very group, changes faces so as to create doubt in the hearts of the less learned shia’s and this very group misguides them.”


                              [ Ref: Ihtejaaj by Tabrisi Pg 236 ]


2) Imam Ridha (as) said:  "Some of those who claim the affection for us - the Prophet's Household are more dangerous for our Shia than the ordeal of the Dajjal." I asked: "How do such people become dangerous?” The Imam (as) answered "They support our enemies and antagonize our followers. When this occurs, the right will be confused with the wrong and the whole matter will be perplexed. Then, there will be no distinction between the believers and the hypocrites."


                              [ Ref: Sifat-ush-shia, hadees no.14 ]



These Ulama-e-Soo are the same people who take advantage of their position to raise objections and create doubts regarding Wilayat by narrating incidences which lower the position of Ahle Bait (as) and also raise objections on the various Acts of Azadari.